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Tell tale signs you need a new hot water Heater

 Even though we're well into spring and on our way into the summer months, every homeowner still needs hot water. Most of us don't realize we need a new hot water heater until it's too late and we're standing there at 7 in the morning waiting for the shower to warm up. Our hot water heating service company in Chelmsford, Billerica and surrounding areas is here to make sure that you can identify issues before they arise.

Here are a few tell-tale signs that your hot water heater or boiler is on the fritz:

  1. The system is over 10 or 15 years old or you just moved into the home or apartment and aren't sure what the upkeep on the system was like.
  2. When turning the nozzle to "hot," rust-colored water is all you get. It may end up running clear eventually, but don't be fooled and assume everything is "in the clear" again.
  3. When you turn on the hot water, no hot water is produced within 3-5 minutes of waiting. Don't forget to check other faucets to make sure that this issue is occurring elsewhere in your home.
  4. Even though the water may be clear, it may have a metallic smell or taste to it.
  5. If you hear loud cracks or pops from your hot water heater or there is condensation or pooling around the base of the heating system, this is a sign that it's time for a replacement.
  6. If you've seen Nazzaro & Sons Plumbing & Heating more often than you'd like (although we're always happy to help!) then it's probably time to stop wasting so much money on repairs and opt for a replacement system.
  7. For families of 5 or more members who are using the hot water on a daily basis, keep in mind that even the best systems may last on average 3-5 years less than a smaller family or married couple.

If you're suspicious about your hot water heater's condition, please contact our Chelmsford and Billerica plumbing and heating company today for a thorough inspection, accurate diagnosis, and efficient repair or replacement services!

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