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Residential plumbing services

Why Choose Nazzaro & Sons Plumbing & Heating

Our plumbing technicians are the best in the business. With decades worth of combined industry experience, we've seen just about every homeowner plumbing problem. Clogged drains, burst or frozen pipes, and outdated system issues are no match for our crew. We guarantee that you will always be met with a smile and we are always cleaning up after ourselves when the job is done so that it was like we were never there!

Residential Plumbing ServiceResidential Plumbing ServiceResidential Plumbing Service



Water Heater Service

We'll assess your water heater quickly and offer you repair options. If your unit is leaking, we'll guide you on the best replacement based on your needs. Most importantly, we'll get you back into hot water fast!

Tankless Water Heaters

Is this super-efficient, high tech water heater for you? Our factory-trained tankless hot water heater experts will help you determine if this system is right for you. Ask us how a tankless water heater can save you a lot of money in operating costs while out-performing your typical tank-type heater.


We only install the best, and our warranty proves it! Let us show you how our faucets combine quality and elegance that will last for years to come. Need a quick repair? We're here to provide efficient faucet repair service.


Our lever handle tub & shower valves look great, are easy to operate, and will never scald you if someone happens to flush a toilet in the house! No need to wrestle with that old shower valve any more.


Water piping systems are our bread & butter, and we'll get yours fixed up in a jiffy! Got pipes that look like they're growing green moss all over? We'll fix a section or replace the whole system based on what you need.

Drain Line Repairs

Big drains and small, we fix them all. From the trap connection under your sink to the main drain system in your basement and everything in between, we'll get you fixed up right so you don't get any "surprises".


What a great product this is, and we do quite a few of them. Why wait for your coffee in the morning when you can skip the boiling with an instant hot water dispenser? Let us show you how affordable they are.

Water Purification Systems

It's about convenience, your health and it just plain makes sense! No need to lug heavy bottles home from the supermarket when you can have safe, pure drinking water right from your kitchen faucet or appliance. And we'll put in the good ones - no inferior filters here.

Water Pressure Regulators

Your water system may be operating at elevated pressures, and that's almost like heart disease to your plumbing system. We'll check to make sure, and if you need a regulator we'll make it fast and painless.

Main Water Shut Off Valves

It's a simple yet very important part of your plumbing system. It can make servicing things easy, and it can stop a prevent a flood in your home when something gives way. Maybe yours doesn't work, or worse yet, you can't find it! We'll check it out, so you don't get caught in a "situation"

Gas Piping

We fix it, install it, change it, move it and check for leaks in it. We'll tell you whether you need (or want) some of those new gas products on the market, and what makes them, well, different.

Gas Leak Locating

Smell gas but don't have a clue where it's coming from? We'll find it, fix it and make your home safe!


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