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Preventing heat loss this winter

As temperatures plummet and your heating system is working hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature for you and your family, there are a few things you can do to your home in order to help lighten the load on your heater this winter. These quick fixes and improvements to your home will not only prolong the life of your furnace but also reduce energy costs during the colder months.

5 Tips to Prevent Heat Loss

  1. Secure Windows. Every home has at least one window, so why not take the time to weather proof them? Use weather strips, sealant or putty to close up any gaps. Don't forget to install storm windows to add another layer of protection against drafts. You can also utilize blinds and heavy curtains to keep the cold air out.
  2. Weatherproof Doors. Just as you would with your windows, don't forget a weather strip for your doors. You can also look into adding a rubberized flap that's installed on the underpart of your door. We also recommend getting rid of screen doors and replacing them with clear glass doors instead.
  3. Floor Boards. If you have a wooden floor in your home, don't forget that the planks can shift, split and crack if temperatures and humidity fluctuate too much. Generally it's best to keep your home between 60 and 80 degrees with 33-55% humidity. If not, then cracks can form and let heat escape. We recommend refinishing or resealing your wood floors before winter. This can also prevent salt from damaging your wood as well!
  4. Radiator Shelf. For those who have a radiator in their home, our plumbing and heating company in Chelmsford recommends installing a radiator shelf. Head to your nearest supply store to purchase a shelf that's as long as your radiator. Install it about two to three feet above the radiator and this will allow heat to dissipate throughout the room instead of upwards.
  5. Bleed the Radiator. We don't mean kill it -- but if you don't bleed it, then it may end up dying eventually. Air can often get trapped within a radiator, causing cool spots and therefore it won't heat evenly. When bleeding your radiator, this releases any trapped, cool air and allows for the warm air to circulate freely. Not all plumbing and heating companies know how to service a radiator, so it's important to do your research and figure out who to call.

One of the most effective ways to preventing heat loss in your home is to upgrade your furnace or heating system with a new, energy efficient one. Heating companies such as Nazzaro & Sons Plumbing & Heating will help you replace your old system with a new one. We can also provide radiator and hot water boiler service and repairs 24/7! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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