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Instant Hot Water Dispenser Installation

Instant hot water dispensers are a wonderful 21st century invention for those who need hot water as quickly as possible. These days, many homeowners are looking to upgrade their existing kitchen amenities to simplify tasks, while home buyers are looking for the latest gadgets. An instant hot water dispenser is both affordable and practical, making it a worthwhile investment.

How Instant Hot Water Dispensers Work

Nazzaro & Sons Plumbing & Heating has installed dozens of hot water dispensers for families throughout Chelmsford and surrounding areas. It may seem like magic when all you need to do is open the tap and out comes hot water, but there is a system behind it! Most dispensers have a miniature electric water heater with a small storage tank installed within your kitchen counter. The tank keeps the water at a desired temperature (usually just below boiling) and connects to a spout on your counter.

Instant hot water dispenser installations

Our professional plumbing company in Chelmsford will first survey your kitchen to determine the best area to install your hot water dispenser. Once we've chosen an ideal location, we will moderate your counter slightly in order to fit the hot water dispenser spout, tube and tank. The entire process takes less than a day, which means you'll be able to have that hot cup of tea in no time!

For questions about hot water dispensers or to have a hot water dispenser installed in your kitchen, give us a call today at (978) 256-3586 or get in touch online to schedule a service call.




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