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The Importance of Effective Air Conditioning in Hot Months

 Posted Tuesday, May 19, 2015.

Air conditioning is often viewed as a luxury-- a perk of a nice place to live. However, excess heat and humidity, common to the northeast summer months, can be dangerous to one’s health, work, and electronic equipment. Neglecting your AC can put a lot at risk.

The summer months regularly reach over 90 degrees, and sometimes even the triple-digits. These temperatures combined with high summer humidity and stagnant indoor air create dangerous conditions for one’s body. Cramps, nausea, fainting, and eventually heat stroke can result. The body naturally attempts to cool itself by sweating. As sweat evaporates, it takes heat with away from the body, cooling it.. However, high humidity and a lack of breeze prevent this reaction from occurring. The sweat never gets a chance to evaporate, and so the body remains hot.

Air conditioning works by doing two things. It simultaneously lowers the temperature and humidity of the air in the space it cools. Cooling the space reduces the heat the body is exposed to; and reducing the humidity allows the body’s sweat to evaporate. This is part of why air conditioning feels especially effective when you first turn it on after being out in the heat!

The high heat is not only detrimental to the body physically. As the body heats up, concentration becomes more difficult. Working on anything becomes more and more difficult, until the point of impossibility. The body and brain want to rest, not work. Proper air conditioning keeps your workplace at your preferred working temperature, which means you can be productive instead of dozing off at your desk.

A related matter, high heat is very dangerous for electronics-- especially computers. Computers run at high temperatures even in ideal conditions. They are engineered to run at these temperatures without suffering a loss in operating ability. Most computers are put together to work well in a typical home or office setting-- a temperature in the 70s. But a computer that gets too hot-- a room in the high 80s or 90s, with no extra fans or cooling to compensate-- can be damaged. CPUs, motherboards, and video cards are especially vulnerable to heat-related damage, as they tend to be the hottest components of most computers.

Replacing these components can be costly, especially if the failure is not limited to only one part. If you are unable to do it yourself, you’ll likely be taking into a shop and paying for labor on top of your replacement parts. Proper personal computer care requires looking out for its cooling-- and proper air conditioning can go a long way toward saving your computer and your digital projects.

The weather has already begun to heat up, and things will only get hotter and more humid as the summer approaches and peaks. Don’t put yourself, your work, or your property at risk unnecessarily. Invest in proper air conditioning and prevent all of these bad consequences.



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