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How Do Forced Air Furnaces Work?

 Posted Friday, May 26, 2017.

Not all heating mechanisms are the same. Our Chelmsford plumbing and heating company is constantly servicing all types of heating systems. One type of heating system that's particularly common in the area is forced hot air heating. Forced hot air heating is efficient, easy to install and very cost effective for homeowners.

Forced air heating works with the help of ductwork that's installed throughout your home. First, the air furnace pulls cold air circulating through your home into return registers and back into the furnace. Once inside the furnace, the cold air is warmed to the temperature set by the thermostat.Once the ideal temperature is reached, the hot air is "forced" back through different ductwork and distributed throughout your home.

Benefits of Forced Air Heating

  • Forced air heating is cost effective because it requires less parts than other types of heating systems. Although it's certainly not the cheapest, the installation pricepoint and the efficiency of the system makes it a worthwhile investment for both building contractors and homeowners.
  • Not only is forced air heating more cost effective, but also compatible with central air conditioning units. Central air conditioning has become a mainstay for homeowners in Chelmsford and surrounding areas. Although the area is generally known for being quite cold, there are those days when temperatures soar into the 90's. Forced air heating uses the same ductwork as central AC.
  • Forced air heating systems means you get to enjoy the added benefit of a programmable thermostat! These little wall-mounted devices are convenient for homeowners who aren't always at home. Set a timer to have the heat or central AC kick in at a certain time and turn it off when no one is home. Programmable thermostats can also save you money in the long run because the system isn't working hard all day long to keep your home at a set temperature.

Our forced air heating service company in Chelmsford is here to provide yearly maintenance checks, new system installations, and heating system replacements for homeowners and businesses throughout the area. We're best known for having competitive prices as well as being quick to respond to appointment requests. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or ask for a free project estimate!

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