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Should I Upgrade My Home Heating System?

 Posted Wednesday, December 3019, 2015.

The cold has finally arrived, and we’re sure you’ve noticed. There’s some snow and ice on the ground, some on your roof, and probably some on your car. Fortunately, your home heating system keeps you comfortable indoors. Well, it should be. If it’s not, please give us a call ASAP-- we do emergency service for all of our services, including heating repair. Our number is (978) 256-3586.

The end of the month may bring some sticker shock if your home heating system is an older, inefficient model, or if it is otherwise running below its intended efficiency rating. If your system is new and you’re still burning far more fuel than you expected, your unit may be defective in some way. We can perform a thorough inspection on your home heating unit and determine what, if any, repairs need to be made.

If your unit is in good shape, your home may be energy-inefficient in other ways-- lacking proper insulation or suffering from air infiltration, which can contribute to significant heat loss, and high heating bills.

However, if your unit is over 20 years old, or is rated at less than the modern average of 80% efficiency, it may be time to consider upgrading. Old-school heaters were good enough to do the job, and they may still be. But some of the older models out there are only about 50% efficient… this means that only half of the fuel it burns turns into heat for your home! The rest just burns up.

The modern standard efficiency rating is around 80%, which is a significant improvement. High-efficiency modern units operate at around 97% efficiency. Minimal fuel is wasted, and more of it is used to heat your home. Compared to the older 50% efficiency models, these modern high-efficiency units are nearly twice as effective, and can severely cut your home heating bill! Not to overdo the point, but replacing an old home heating unit with a modern high efficiency unit can be the single change with the largest impact on managing your energy bills.

Installing a new home heating unit does have costs associated with it, but there are rebate options available through the utility-customer-funded Mass Save program. We’ve mentioned them before, back when we said summer was the best time to get heating system upgrades. These rebates and incentives can lower the cost of a home heating upgrade by hundreds or thousands of dollars, lowering the barrier for upgrading, and the time your savings will pay back the cost of the unit.

Call us for more information about home heating upgrades. And again, if your heating bill is higher than expected, or your heater is exhibiting symptoms of malfunction (strange noises are a good tell), please call us ASAP for emergency heating repair services. Our number is (978) 256-3586. For non-emergency contact, feel free to contact us online.

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