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Our Annual Boiler Maintenance Checklist

A hot water boiler is a huge investment for any homeowner to make, so once you do purchase a new or replacement boiler for your home, it's important to maintain it on a regular basis. Nazzaro & Sons Plumbing & Heating provides professional hot water boiler maintenance in Chelmsford, Billerica, Concord and surrounding areas. Our certified and insured plumbing and heating company's annual service boiler maintenance checklist is extensive and thorough in order to ensure that your system is working properly. Below is a full list of our maintenance checklist:

  • Inspect the hot water boiler for any issues such as corrosion, leaks, breaks or faulty parts and replace or fix as necessary.
  • Inspect and thoroughly clean the boiler's heat exchanger which is responsible for transferring heat from one fluid to the next.
  • Inspect all wiring and connections. Over time, wires can strip and cause system malfunctions, yet luckily they are easy to repair and inexpensive to replace.
  • Test the pH level of the water. Too acidic and it could corrode your pipes over time, too basic and the heat may not transfer very well to the rest of your home.
  • Inspect the condensate system for any leaks and chemical buildup. If dirty, our professionals will clean and flush the system to remove debris.
  • Examine the burner and flame to ensure there is still life left in the burner. Next we will test the igniter and the burner assembly and replace parts as needed.
  • Inspect the ventilation system to ensure that heat is being transferred properly. We will also look for corrosion, blockages or deterioration of the vents. It's important that all the boiler system's pipes are connected and secure.
  • Clean the air inlet and vent terminators where debris and dust may collect. This will prevent your hot water boiler from overworking itself due to blockages.
  • Assess and test any safety valves or controls as well as user control panels. Oftentimes hot water boiler issues stem from faulty user control panels.

As a homeowner with a hot water boiler, don't forget to familiarize yourself with the owner's manual so you can either diagnose issues or make quick fixes or repairs until you can get a professional to look at the system. For hot water boiler maintenance and inspections, contact Nazzaro & Sons Plumbing & Heating today!

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